Finding your way around the Philosophicum

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Where can I find...?

"Philosophicum" is the name of the building that hosts the lecture halls, seminar rooms and offices of the Faculties 05 and 07 of the Johannes Gutenberg University.

The Philosophicum is on campus between the pedestrian entrance and the canteen (Zentralmensa).

Course rooms

All course rooms in the Philosophicum start with the letter "P", for example "P7".

The lecture halls are on the ground floor. P1 is to the right of the entrance in the lower building, P2, P3, P4 and P5 are on the left in the lower building. P6 through P15 are in the taller main building.

The seminar rooms are on the first and second floor, and normally at the front of the main building. Rooms P101 to P110 are on the first floor, P200 to P210 are on the second floor.

Some Faculty 05 courses are taught in other buildings. The most common alternative buildings are SB II, BKM and Hegelstraße. All other buildings can be found in this list.

Departments, secretaries and offices

The offices are mainly located in the back of the tall main building. To reach the offices, you have to go through the departmental library's entrance on the ground floor. The corridors are assigned to the departments (see this map and the yellow markings). Aside from the secretary's offices, the student advising offices and the student councils, you will also find the offices of the various professors and scientific/academic staff. Unfortunately, not all staff members have an office in the Philosophicum. Members of staff who are not located in the Philosophicum usually indicate which building they are in on the website.

Departmental library

The Philosophicum also has its own departmental library. The entrance is in the center of the main building, on the ground floor. The various specialist libraries (marked in white) are located in different corridors and on different floors. The departmental library staff can answer questions about the specialist libraries. Staff members can normally be found in the entrance area of the departmental library or online on this page.

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