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inFORM - the tutorial for all international students at the Faculty 05

The next inFORM tutorial starts in the first week of the winter semester and lasts until February 2019.

YOUR CURRENT SITUATION Studying abroad requires courage, dedication and a whole lot of organization. Everything is different: the language, day-to-day life and university. Despite having attended numerous introductory events, you still have a million questions left to ask.

What is the difference between a lecture and a seminar? How many courses do I need to take? How do I best prepare for my presentation? How do I go about writing my first term paper? Who can I contact if I am having problems at university?

WHAT WE OFFER The inFORM tutorial works with qualified tutors who will help you get started at university in Mainz. They have lots of useful tips and can answer many of your questions. Over the course of a semester, you, and other international students, will learn the basics of successful student life in Mainz together in small groups. The tutorial starts on October the week after induction week and lasts until the beginning of February. During this period, there will be a 2-hour tutorial each week.

ARE YOU planning on completing your entire degree program in Mainz? If so, you will meet other international students right at the beginning who are in the same situation you are. Together, you can figure out what studying in Mainz truly means.

ARE YOU an exchange student at the University of Mainz? If so, you can include the tutorial in your learning Agreement and earn 2 ECTS credit points (only applicable if you regularly attend the sessions).

REGISTRATION is quick and simple: Simply complete the online registration form! If you have any questions, you can send an email to or include the question in the box "remarks or questions" in the online form.

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This is what international students say about the tutorial:

« We discussed many important and interesting topics. »

« The tutor was very helpful and active. »

« The session on how to organize courses was extremely helpful. »

« I particularly enjoyed learning how to write term papers and cite correctly

« The thing I liked best was the positive atmosphere created by the students and the tutors. »

« We were given so many helpful tips for our time in Mainz! »

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