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Life on Campus and in Mainz

If you are interested in learning more about Germany, visit the portal facts about Germany for information on politics, the economy and culture. Information, pictures and interviews about the city of Mainz and life in Mainz can be found in the portal or on the homepage of the city of Mainz.

The University of Mainz has a lot to offer its students: festivals, events, special events for international students, cultural and social gatherings. To ensure that you do not miss out on anything, we have compiled a list of activities here:


The AEGEE Mainz ERASMUS group organizes "Stammtische" (regular meetings), Christmas and summer parties as well as trips on a regular basis. The trips offer insights into culture and (European) politics and are usually a lot of fun. Sprachduo at AEGEE offers students the opportunity to find a language tandem Partner.

AHS - Allgemeiner Hochschulsport der Universität Mainz- Sport at the University of Mainz

All students enrolled at the University of Mainz can participate in the AHS sports program free of charge. There are many activities to choose from: aerobics, roller hockey, Taekwondo, trampolining and many more. This program  will give you an overview of the courses and course times for all sporting activities offered by the AHS.


CampusMainz has lots of information on student life ranging from lunch menus, over current information about the university and the campus to new or successful cultural courses - the site is always worth a visit!

Celebrations in Mainz

Mainz hosts many annual festivals that you should not miss:

February/March is the annual carnival celebration. This time of the year is often referred to as the 5th season because (almost) everything works a little differently. On "Weiberfastnacht" (Thursday) all the "Narren" (people who love to celebrate the carnival season and are usually in costume) congregate at the Fastnachtsbrunnen on Schillerplatz at 11:11am. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday Mainz hosts many smaller carnival parades, there are parties until very late at night and almost everyone in town is in costume. On "Rosenmontag" (Shrove Monday), there is the grand Rosenmontag-Parade with traditional and politically inspired floats, music and sweets. On "Aschermittwoch" (Ash Wednesday) normality returns to Mainz.

The Wine Days in Mainz take place every year at the end of April/beginning of May on the "Rheinufer" (banks of the river Rhine). The winemakers present their new wines; good food and music also attracts many guests. If you are lucky and the sun is shining, you can get your first impression of a summer in Mainz.

The Johannisnacht in Mainz coincides with the summer solstice in June every year. Join the celebrations and enjoy a weekend full of music, booths, good food and crafts, carousels, a big wheel and many other activities. On Monday, the festival ends with a beautiful fireworks display above the Rhine.

The Mainz Wine Market takes place every year on two weekends in August/September in the "Stadtpark" (Mainz city park). Local winemakers sell their products and allow you to taste many different variations. In the evening, when it gets darker and the lights are switched on, the atmosphere becomes completely unique.

Starting at the end of November and running until Christmas, the Mainz Christmas Market takes place every year in front of the cathedral. Enjoy the Christmas period with your friends and sample the "Glühwein" (mulled wine), roasted almonds or other German Christmas specialties.

Foreigners become friends

If you want to learn something about the life of people from Mainz, who have nothing to do with ERASMUS parties or halls of residence, you might be interested in Foreigners become Friends, an initiative founded by the Mainz Student Union. This forum brings together international students and the citizens of Mainz. Together, they go on trips, learn about day-to-day life in each other's families or simply go for a cup of coffee. The initiative focuses mainly on an active exchange of cultures.

Information on festivals and culture

Mainz and Wiesbaden both boast an own events calendar which lists the festivals and cultural activities in Mainz and in Wiesbaden. If you want to go out and explore the Rhine-Hesse region, you will find a lot of information on culture and wine in the Rhine-Hesse events calendar.

inFORM tutorial

PHILIS provides international students with the opportunity to attend a tutorial on studying in Mainz as well as scientific work in the Faculty 05. A tutor explains and discusses topics related to studying in Mainz: presentations, office hours, Jogustine, term papers, research… and if you regularly attend the tutorial, you will also be awarded 2 ECTS credit points. Please click here for more information on the inForm tutorial and online registration.

International Text Café

Have you finished your term paper but would like someone to check it for you? If so, the International Text Café, which is organized by the Asta foreign students department and which takes place regularly in the Infobox, is the place for you. Volunteer students from many different subjects help other students revise and correct their scientific texts. Aside from helpful tips and corrections, the café also offers coffee and cakes. The café is open regularly during the semester break.


In addition to the large cinema franchises, Mainz and Wiesbaden also have many smaller independent cinemas. It is always worth checking out what the Capitol&Palatin or the CinéMayence in Mainz and the Caligari or the Walhalla in Wiesbaden have on offer. They often show very good, independent films, some in the original version with German subtitles. Located directly on campus, Klubkino Mainz shows very good and current films for very little money.

Semesterticket // Regional Transit ticket

All students can use their regional transit ticket to travel on public transport in an extremely large catchment area without any additional charge. Trips to Fulda, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Worms, Koblenz as well as Rheinhessen, the Rheingau and the Mittelrheintal and many other beautiful towns and regions can be made for very little money. To find out how far you can actually travel and which modes of transport you can use, visit the ASTA homepage.

Service International Students (SIS) by Studierendenwerk Mainz

SIS regularly organizes cultural activities such as trips, parties, communal meals and festivals for the citizens of Mainz as well the international students. For example, you can earn the Mainz diploma, sing in a choir, go on trips to German and European cities for very little money, and try delicacies from around the world at the various dinner events.


The state theatre in Mainz has very favorable offers for students from the University of Mainz: Students can get free tickets at the ticket counter as of three days prior to the performance if they present their valid student identity Card.

The state theatre in Wiesbaden and the theatre in Frankfurt, as well as other theatre houses in the Rhine-Main area can be easily reached with the regional transit ticket (no additional transport costs). These venues charge an entry fee but many do have student Discounts.


International students can apply for a TOM buddy, an initiative that is organized by the SIS (student services organization Mainz), to help them out in Mainz and on campus during their first few months. Upon their arrival in Mainz, international students simply need to fill out a form and are then put in contact with a student buddy. Because who better to help you out in the beginning than a local student?

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